April 25, 2014

Friday Favorites


Happy Friday, kids! How was your week? Hope it's been a good one! That rainbow up there happened last week and if you follow me on Instagram or any other Seattle-area blogger you'll know we went bananas with endless shots of this incredible beauty (it was actually a double rainbow!). I figure it's a great image to start the weekend with, n'est-ce pas? Here are a few other favorites to fritter through:

  • I so need to do this.
  • Can't wait to get my eyes on this book.
  • Geninne's work always makes me happy.
  • Billy is some serious kind of sass-o-FRASS and I can always count on him to make me laugh.
  • Sometimes I imagine Billy, Gabriel, and I hanging out together. Drinking these margaritas! We'd probably end up getting arrested.
  • Oh well, a good time for us to listen to Lisa school us in 'embracing the abyss'.
  • Maybe one of y'all would be willing to bring us this pretty little cake to cheer us up? File entirely optional.
  • And while we wait for you, we'll just be practicing our lip sync routine in the yard.

  • Woah. That got a little tangential, didn't it? Leave it to me.

    Happy weekending and I'll see you next week!

    April 15, 2014

    Spring Awakening


    Oh, for heaven's sake. Let's just get this done. I have been mulling and mulling and mulling over what to say and where to start that, I mean, I have to start somewhere. Since my current mantra is "start where you are" then here and now seems a logical conclusion. So, here I am. Ta da! (Suddenly, I envision myself in a sidestep tap routine wearing a tutu? Same for you? Anyway...)

    I've been away from 'The Bedlam' for the longest period of time since I first started blogging in 2007. But, despite appearances, I hadn't given up. The thing is, 2013 threw me for a serious loop - laid off from my job, a depressing and shockingly competitive job market, my mom's declining health, etc., etc.. It sucked. Sucked. And, being the Cancerian that I am, I suppose I needed to retreat into my shell in an attempt to regroup. That's not to say that I'm back and better than ever with all my ducks in a row and a strategic plan in place. But, with my flaws and imperfections, I am here. And, dammit, that's saying something.

    September 24, 2013

    Pink Champagne Cupcakes Recipe from "Trophy Cupcakes & Party!"

    Trophy Cupcakes and Party - Pink Champagne Cupcakes Recipe

    Well, kids, today's the day! The official launch date of Trophy Cupcakes & Party! by Jennifer Shea! It seems oh-so-fitting to celebrate the day with Pink Champagne Cupcakes and so, as promised, here is the recipe to Jennifer's scrumptiously celebratory cupcakes! Enjoy!

    September 21, 2013

    Trophy Cupcakes & Parties!

    Trophy Cupcakes and Party! Book

    I love cookbooks. LOVE cookbooks. But adding one more to an already bursting-at-the-seams assortment hardly seems necessary in my case. That said, when invited to be a part of the virtual book tour with the chance to get a pre-launch sneak peek at the new book Trophy Cupcakes & Parties! by Jennifer Shea of famed Seattle cupcakery Trophy, I mean, I had to at least look! Right? (Um, yeah!) Well, this freshman entry into my cookbook collection catapulted straight toward the top of the senior class, kids. Lemme tell ya. And that is because it is so much more than just a cookbook.

    September 17, 2013

    Inspiration Rx | Tranquility

    Inspiration Rx | Tranquility | Water | The Bedlam of Beefy

    Recently, the lovely Miss Tristan B. and Miss Michelle P. started a creative series entitled "Inspiration Rx" to provide enticements to those needing an extra spark or a means to break free from a creative rut. With the simple prompt of one thoughtfully chosen word, they invite us to give ourselves pause and lift. This week's prompt, "tranquility" was less read or contemplated by me than it was felt. Deeply.

    August 16, 2013

    Buttermilk Blackberry Crumble Popsicles

    Buttermilk Blackberry Crumble Popsicles • The Bedlam of Beefy

    Today I'm joining a slew of fine bloggers in capping off POPSICLE WEEK! That's right, y'all! Billy of the oh-so-delightful Wit & Vinegar rounded up a posse of 26 bloggers from around the blogosphere to get their popsicle on. Y'know, 'cause it's August and we're trying to squeak in as much summer celebration as we can and, I mean, who doesn't like a popsicle? Genius idea, Billy.